Christa van Gessel

Christa van Gessel is a creative innovation consultant, active in the field of new products and service development. She loves to help companies to make their own vision usable and inspiring, so it will be a solid basis for innovation. Putting people in the centre, she is using qualitative design research and design workshops to involve all stakeholder parties. Her background is Industrial Design Engineering and Strategic Product Design at the Technical University of Delft. After 4 years of working for the creative consultancy Zilver Innovation in Rotterdam, she is now working independently for 5 years for various clients as Philips (product/ service combination), Vlisco (brand/trend/consumer guidelines) and Movares (a sustainable vision for a primary school).

For Hogeschool Utrecht she did various projects as how to solve mobility issues, create a new HU plaza, participatory design child oncology and chronic pain relapse. She was co-author of the book Service Design: insights from 9 case studies in 2013. As a teacher and coach, she educates people centred design at the master of Engineering and at the co-design minor.

She is always looking for inspiration, by brainstorming with colleagues or by traveling, for example on her last trip, a half a year through India to discover Jugaad Innovation.